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Water proof bag - WPB-06-09

Water proof bag


Velcro design, Waterproof seal
Lanyard interface
One-piece injection molding firm /High capacity
Can hold mobile phone, wallet, certificate, glasses case, key
With a bag of valuable to get

  • WPB-06-09 -
  • WPB-06-09 -
  • WPB-06-09 -
  • WPB-06-09
  • WPB-06-09
  • WPB-06-09

Product Description

Model Number WPB-06-09
Size 220mm x 155mm
Payment terms L/C, T/T
MOQ 1000 pcs
Price Range 1000-1.45 / 3000-1.35 / 5000-1.25
Standard Packaging 1pcs/polybag or 1pcs/box
Delivery Period 30 days
Supply Capacity 100000 per month
Port Hong Kong
Application Outdoors, sports, tourism are worth having.
Whether you are hiking, watching a waterfall, or going
to vacation to see the sea, Swimming, Fishing, Surfing,
Boating, Rafting or go to the forest to explore.
You need to use a waterproof, dust-proof and
moisture-proof tool

Factory Photo 

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